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MN Bear Ball 2008

...and fun was had by all!

Image MN Bear Ball 2008 was a great weekend full of events. Thanks to all who came, saw, and conquered! The Friday night UnderBear Ball was a crushing party with tons of bears showing off their boxers and dancing the night away. Even the bartenders got in the act with their new bathhouse-towel uniforms! Grrr!

The weather was absolutely puurrrfect Saturday for the Wet Fur Country Pool Party! The best day most can remember... the sun was hot, the beer was cold, and the bears were wet all day! Thanks Jeff for the help and Holly for the glorious pool and scenery! Jeff, don't you dare cut down that willow!

Image While the Saturday night Bear Dinner at the new restaurant Picosa was a mixed bag (the Peppercorn Crusted Pork Chop was wonderful, but the chicken entree was... well... not), the Aquatennial Fireworks were absolutely amazing up on the roof of Riverplace. See the video below for the finale... "...look at the rainbow!"

The Riverplace Fireworks Ball was a fun experiment... the convenience of the fireworks and the views of the downtown skyline was amazing. DJ Chuck's sound system put out quite the deep bass beat, as most of the partiers stayed till closing time. Thanks to honorary Bear Grrrrl Bev for running a late-night shuttle run to the hotel for us!

Image The Sunday afternoon Big Muddy River Cruise down the Mississippi turned out to be a real treat. What a great way to wind down, relax, and chat with some long-time-no-see friends after a frenzied weekend of back-to-back parties. Passing under the newly connected 35W bridge was something to remember, and floating by the old 35W bridge laid out along the bank for the CSI-style inspections was an eerie reminder of one year ago. But that didn't stop the party... how those bears got through 16 bottles of champagne and remained upright is still a mystery...


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