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MN AIDS Walk Bake Sale

at April Bear Bar Night - Sat, Apr 26

BEAR BAKE SALE! (Those holiday cookies must be worn off by now....) We're raising money for our NCBears MN AIDS WALK Team.... and you can help us eat our way to our team goal of $2000!

Here's how:

  • Volunteer to bake and drop off bake sales items for April Bear Night (Apr 26) . Bears bringing items for the bake sale will receive free admission to bear night!
  • Items can include cakes, cupcakes, cookies, bars, and candies.... Here's your chance to break out those naughty cookie cutters you got as a birthday gift last year!
  • Items must be fresh baked within a day or two. Please wrap items in small quantities (1-3 items) in plastic wrap (and on a small paper plate if messy ... like better-than-sex-cake!) so they can be eaten during the night!
  • Items can be dropped off 6pm-8pm on Saturday at the Bolt Underground right before Bear Night.

Can't bake? (Really!?) Here are other ways to help:

  • BUY BAKE SALE GOODIES! All sales go right into the AIDS Walk jar. Then eat the yummy goodness and buy more! (Seriously... don't make us take any home. My scale will hunt you down.)
  • Volunteer to help with the bake sale. Just help stock and watch the table, and help people pay for their items. NCBoard members will make change if needed.
  • Volunteer to walk with us in the MN AIDS WALK (I know WE need the exercise!)
  • Donate funds to our team, money is always welcome and we'll have a jar at Bear Night. Or better still, join our team on the AIDS Walk website, and you have have your friends and family donate in your name!
  • Be creative! (ok... that scares me a little..... but I like it!)

Any questions at all please email or contact Joey at

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