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SugarBears – sweeter than the average bear!

Image Definition: SugarBear – a bear with Diabetes

The SugarBears invite you! As you know several members of the bear community have developed Diabetes. We'd like to start our own support group for these members of the Gay Community. Is this a social group? No, just a bunch of extra sweet, extra furry fellas! Is this therapy? No, just a willing ear to listen. What will I get out of it? Maybe nothing, maybe something…that's up to you.

We hope this will be a place you can come and talk about your Diabetes. You may have some questions you need answered, you may need someone's understanding, you may be unsure if what you are experiencing is normal, you may just want to sit and listen or offer your shoulder to another SugarBear. It's all good.

  • When do we meet? The second Thursday of each month, 7PM sharp
  • Where do we meet? Minneapolis, at a members home
  • What do I bring? Yourself, your questions, a beverage to drink

Please RSVP at one day prior to the meeting.

Upcoming Events
Bear Coffee at Muffin Top Cafe
Wed, Jan 17
Bear Bar Night at the Eagle
Sat, Jan 27
Fur Flee 11 - SUN MOON STARS!
Thu, Mar 1

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